Charlotte Altenburg

Charlotte AltenburgRegional Director of Operations, Responsive Management Inc.

Charlotte has been with Responsive Management Inc since the initial day on January 1, 2011. Charlotte has been with the Homes prior to Responsive since May 1994. She started her career in Long Term Care at the age of 16 working in her hometown of Dundas’ local kitchen as a Dietary Aide and found a fondness in working with the elderly. Growing up she had a very close relationship with her grandparents who owned a farm in rural Flamborough and many of her fond childhood memories involve her grandparents farm and cottage. From an early age, she knew that care giving was part of her genetic make up with a mother that was also in the nursing profession. Charlotte graduated from the Mohawk College Practical Nursing Program in 1994 and started as a floor nurse and became involved in quality and ensuring compliance as a documentation nurse. In 2007, she successfully completed the Age Advantage Administrator’s certification course and was most recently the Executive Director at Wellington Park Care Centre, until her appointment of Regional Director of Operations. Charlotte’s primary purpose is improving the resident experience and works diligently to motivate and mentor teams within the organization.