Our Thinking

Over the years, we have acquired a collective wisdom that continues to grow with each new challenge. Never hesitant about getting up close and personal, our hands-on experience has taught us to be understanding, practical and innovative. In the process, we have developed our own language – our touch points – for expressing our unique thinking and approaches.

Here they are, from our team to you.

  • Time is the Enemy
    Bill Dillane
  • Hands-On
    Althea Bess
  • This is a people business
    Basheera Saleh
  • Doing the right thing is never wrong
    Chris Dalglish
  • Be Accountable
    Dan Kaniuk
  • Bad news out fast
    Enzo Cuttini
  • Work smarter, not harder
    Liz Borges
  • Benchmark, Measure, Share
    Marion Godoy
  • Do more with less
    Angela Groza
  • BPOP
    Karen Brill
  • Be Transparent
    Linda Calabrese
  • Innovate (or die)
    Steve Gray
  • We believe in people
    Cindy English
  • Be all you can be
    Danielle McCarthy
  • Build Relationships
    Joanna Winiarczyk
  • Make it Safe
    Nicola Major
  • Coming Soon
    Charlotte Altenburg
  • Coming Soon
    Alicja Bidzinska
  • Coming Soon
    Greg Bowman
  • Coming Soon
    Shannon Clark
  • Coming Soon
    Cristina de Santis
  • Coming Soon
    Mike Fisher
  • Coming Soon
    Steve Robertson
  • Coming Soon
    Angela Zhao
  • Coming Soon
    Avi Diamond
  • Coming Soon
    Caroline Marshall
  • Coming Soon
    Gershon Fordsham
  • Coming Soon
    Tammy Deschamp