Our Business Units

Responsive Group Inc. is a privately owned business, consisting of five business units. Together, the units provide a comprehensive portfolio of services that includes management of retirement communities and long term care homes as well as consulting, mentoring, restructuring, and redevelopment services. We currently operate 20 long term care homes and 18 retirement communities in Ontario, which in turn provide services for more than 2,800 long term care beds and over 1,200 retirement suites.

Small enough to be personal and effective

Each business unit is designed to be small enough to ensure that our people build personal relationships with the leadership teams of each home and community we serve. This “human” scale allows us to support people in a focused and meaningful way, providing hands-on, personalized service based on solid relationships and first-hand knowledge of the issues and challenges within the cultural context of the community.

Large enough to be efficient

Working in concert under the umbrella of the Responsive Group, all five of our business units share the same values. Equally important, they also share resources. Together, the business units create a substantial volume of business to ensure operational efficiencies across the organization.

Responsive Health Management Inc. (RHM)

RHM, along with its sister company Meadowcroft Management Services, has been providing management services in partnership with owners of long term care homes since 1984. This business unit currently manages nine (9) long term care homes located in Toronto, and across Ontario. As well, RHM provides financial management and consulting services to additional long term care homes.

Responsive Management Inc. (RMI)

RMI has been operating long term care homes and retirement communities since 2010. RMI is the operating partner of Rykka Care Centres, which currently includes eleven (11) long term care homes and three (3) retirement communities.

Lifetimes Living Inc. (LLI)

The newest business unit within the Responsive Group, LLI operates 15 retirement communities for our operating partner, Lifetimes Limited Partnership.

Responsive Health Mentors Ltd. (Mentors)

Since 1999, Mentors has been providing a wide range of individualized consulting, mentoring and educational services for senior living environments in Ontario. The senior team specializes in operational, clinical and compliance services.

Aevitas Development Inc. (ADI)

ADI is the newest business unit, which was created in 2017. The goal for Aevitas is to provide development services for the required redevelopment of Class C long term care homes in Ontario. Services which can range from site selection and land acquisition, to design development, to construction and planning for resident move-in. Their clients will include Rykka Care Centres, and a fee for services to 3rd parties including non-profits, municipalities, and small independent operators.