Cristina de Santis

Cristina de SantisVice President, Performance Improvement and Innovation, Responsive Group Inc.

Since joining our team in 2018, Cristina has brought a fresh perspective to her role of Vice President of Performance Improvement and Innovation. Cristina’s extensive career in business has encompassed many sectors – from health care and hospitality to manufacturing, banking, and insurance – in Canada and abroad. Cristina’s focus is on collaboratively identifying and driving performance improvement and innovation in all areas of our business through a customer- and stakeholder-centric approach and through the alignment of resources for our clearly articulated and shared goals. Her breadth of experience enables Cristina to provide different approaches for leveraging opportunities and addressing new challenges. With her can-do attitude, honesty, respect for and appreciation of our clients, colleagues and stakeholders, Cristina is an effective leader, keen to work collaboratively to honour the senior living experience by implementing our Vision and Mission – and living our values.

Cristina’s formative years began with the Whirlpool Corporation, where she held positions in business alignment, strategic marketing and financial leadership in Europe, South Africa and Canada. Additionally, she has worked in a variety of business improvement roles for diverse industries. Prior to joining our team, Cristina had worked for 10 years in the Canadian health care and hospitality sectors, where she was responsible for large scale technology-enabled process improvement and executive-level organizational design, strategy, performance measurement and management roles. She holds a degree in Economics and Commerce the University of Turin, in Torino, Italy. More recently, Cristina earned a Lean Black Belt from the Institute of Industrial Engineers.

Born in Italy, Cristina has lived all over the world throughout her youth, and for the past 21 years she has lived in Canada. She and her husband take pride in their two young adult children, a girl and a boy. In her free time, Cristina likes to spend time with her family and friends. She also enjoys playing tennis and simply taking the time to admire and appreciate the world we live in.