Karen Brill

Karen BrillLeadership Coach, Responsive Management Inc.

Karen’s love of people and the desire to work with a company that likes to have a bit of fun is what drew her to Responsive. She was especially attracted to our commitment to talent management, through investing in the growth of people at all levels. Karen joined our team in 2011 as Leadership Coach. She has implemented an engaging leadership curriculum designed specifically for the culture of seniors care, coaches individuals and teams, as well as works on special projects. During the Covid Pandemic, Karen developed and rolled out an online Emerging Leaders program for new or aspiring leaders as well as a 5-minute weekly podcast, The Leadership Moment, that supports our valued staff and managers.

Karen began her career working in mental health and moved on to work and consult in both the private and public sectors in leadership development and talent management. She holds a Masters degree in Adult Education from the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education, an undergraduate degree in Social Work from McMaster University, and is trained in Organizational Relationship Systems.

Karen lives in Toronto where she has raised two sons. In her time away from work, she participates as a member of the Davenport executive of the Green Party of Canada, and is a founding member of the GreenLeft Canada. Karen loves the arts and is learning to play the ukulele.